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Feels weird when I think about how my dad was better looking than me at my age. He was a handsome white man and I look very ethnic and have a monkey nose while he has a European Roman nose.

Like damn you're supposed to exceed your father right?




Nigga here got Kanye levels of white envy lmao


Kanye doesn't have white envy retard


Nigga you livin under a rock? bet you've never heard a single one of his songs STFU until you do


Don't say nigga you ugly fucking white incel. Kanye is and always has been pro black dumb zoomer. I bet you don't even remember Katrina


Every kanye song I ever heard was soaked with the racial tension bullshit. I can't believe americans can listen to this crap (even moreso /mu/ and other shit places hyping it) but it shows how warped, polarized and radicalized is america about race.


maybe you dont "get" the racial tension parts because you arent american.


There's no racial tension in Lift Yourself.


Says the poofter in a country with no blacks


Fuck off you gross ass halfie the fuck you think your doing pretending to be black? And of course you only know the shit bling like all you posers Kanye has always been a joke to us. GTFO you pseudo racist halfie stay with your white people music


Nice try white boy but I'm black just lightskin


I know bitch boy your a halfie that pretends to be black for street cred it's sad go back to your slipknot weak ass beta


Obama is black retard


No he ant and he do nothing for us keep talking thou hopefully a real nigga near you will beat your ass to the color you like so much and obsess over


Before you guys call me"nigger" and monkey and the moment I say fuck you and have pride you tell me I'm actually white like you pasty creeps

I'm better than you in every way


Having an illness is not something to pride yourself on


Your sad nigga real sad like you must be embrassed to be seen with yourself really like your white envy hero Kanye you'll never be black stay the fuck away from our culture. Only incel bitch I'm seeing is you no real nigga would whine about there looks we too busy slamming pussy


Our culture is no liness you beta your bitch talk making me ill thou ha


Oh look, the monkeys are fighting! Hey, could you try getting a job or building a normal culture for a change? I know it's not your strength, but maybe a challenge would do you good!


That guy is a white incel mocking black people you stupid euro tranny


At least we don't rob other cultures we can't build shit until we remove your pasty asses first


You should go tranny that why you got a pussy to play with your own

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