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whatmin post selfies


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File: 1575478899330.jpg (785.08 KB,904x1500,1575444201642.jpg) iqdb

it's asuka's birthday and im gonna jack off a lot


its this little minx's 18th birthday today…


I=i'm very sleepy but I want to give her lots of cum for her birthday!


File: 1575479199199.jpg (303.8 KB,1200x1711,1575447596039.jpg) iqdb

Imagine rubbing your cock all over her


Notice the dark skin dick


>looking at dicks instead of asuka


Started edging to Asuka when the celebration thread on /a/ started.


File: 1575479731770.jpg (109.89 KB,706x1000,1575445699075.jpg) iqdb

gonna start fapping to Asuka right now!


File: 1575479833139.jpg (394.89 KB,633x765,1575447808889.jpg) iqdb

I'll help you all the way, if you want me to.


File: 1575481320161.mp4 (1.69 MB,640x480,aeec848e74c05ce1.mp4) iqdb

Me trying to remember 'opportunity' in japanese to get the joke frantically


File: 1575495030308.jpeg (696.73 KB,2115x3015,image.jpeg) iqdb

I think it's 注ぐ


as in that's the punned word


where are you getting そそぐ from? 'ついで' means 'opportunity', but it can also have the connotation of "taking the opportunity; while you are at it; on the occasion​".
And in japanese she doesnt go 'get it?', she kind of just reiterates 'tsuide' then goes TSU-I-DE!. IE, 'TAKE THE SHOT DUMBASS'

Its still there in the english, its just not much of a pun or anything. Its just a riddle you have to figure out and then theres no punchline after. In japanese it works better, because its a pun between the literal meaning of a word and its use in a weird grammar idiom to mean something more specific(and here, lewd).
The pun isnt all that funny in japanese either though, but maybe thats just because I had to translate it to figure it out. Still, I think her getting aggrivated trying to hammer in the double innuendo at the end is funnier.

Honestly its not really a joke, more like erotic double meaning.


File: 1575518309408.jpg (62.61 KB,900x637,1389747380535.jpg) iqdb



You're probably right though, it's probably not a pun.


>using jisho instead of tangorin


yes, but I dont see that word or anything homophonous to it.


注ぐ -> 注いで


i'll keep using jisho just because it's not designed like a mobile site

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