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Whatnot are they right


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Persona 5 is a 100 hour game

Almost anyone who has finished it was ready for it to finally be over in the end.

Persona 5 Royal is the same game with minor extra crap for $60. Idk, just don't buy it. I would only replay Persona 5 after many years pass and only if they release P5:R on Steam.


Fun is subjective. /v/ can't decide what's funny or not.


I never ever a persona but oh boy did I fap to Naoto


whatnot add a fucking hide image button so i can hide teh coomer and dani the real life retard threads when i'm in public


This should be done as a userscript in your browser.

Try to copy/paste the one used in 4chanX and learn Javascript to port it to vichan.


how do i do that on my iphone


Very slowly.


i dont think it's possible there

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