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I dunt remember those parts


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There was like 10 different seasons of Bakemonogatari

Not surprised you don't remember or watched them all.


File: 1575473802827.7z (43.35 MB,yuzu-windows-msvc-early-acc….7z)





It's the Patreon-only yuzu vulkan build.

I have to transfer it over from a VM and uploading it to /what/ is the easiest way.


So with vulkan are emulators now better on amd


On every emulator except yuzu, they do.

On yuzu this shit actually causes GPU driver crashes for me so bad I can only reboot my system.


So they're better than Nvidia?


On Windows? Hell no. You're dumb if you buy an AMD GPU for Windows.

On Linux? I still think it's better than Nvidia, because you're not using their crusty proprietary kernel module and 2D xorg driver, but trying to run yuzu on AMD/mesa is almost enough to change my mind.

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