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whatmin BTFO


the universe being big doesn't invalidate the bible it just invalidates your brain capacity


like this is literally covered in the book of ecclesiastes


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See, you can't even understand "nothing" outside of the universe.

You can't understand that a force that exists outside time, and all physical laws, caused the physical universe to exist.

And the bible never says don't masturbate anywhere in it.


The Bible does actually




Any verse about sex or lust


Masturbation isn't sex.


don't be stupid, it's lusting also


there should be state issued gfs so I dont have to masturbate


Give me an actual passage that you construe as condemning masturbation.


every passage about sex or masturbation


if you think masturbating is okay you have clearly didnt read the bible


There is no passage in the bible about masturbation.

Literally nothing that says don't masturbate.


there are myriad passages about fornication and lust in general of which masturbation is a part since it's just single-player sex

and there's nothing in the bible about fucking little boys either which is why the catholics love doing it but that doesn't mean god says its okay just because he forgot to mention it specifically


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You can't explain to retards that they are retarded


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imagine believing in santa claus past the age of 5


can't believe I had to learn santa isn't real from dani



What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?



This is about not fucking a prostitute or other stuff like that.

Nothing about masturbation.

This says that you are obligated to fuck your wife if she wants it, and your wife is obligated to fuck you if you want it.

Nothing about masturbation.

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