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why doesnt whatmin just ban the cia niggers?


Because the CIA supplies whatmin with unlimited amount of CP in exchange for hanging around the board.


You are the Manchurian candidate Dani


File: 1574704447128.jpg (49.73 KB,600x300,1574672068834.jpg) iqdb

Dani the CIA, Russia, JIDF, North Korean sleeper cells, CERN, and Xi Ping are all working together to target you.


Dani the fag


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im special


Stupid ignorant fuck


He wanted the sandbox to be so big you could never see to the ends of it and be amazed.


this is a statistical argument based on the idea that because something is big in scope then it can't have significant parts. then again its a gotcha meme and its intent bears the weight of comedic jokes more than a desire for knowledge.


so big
much amaze


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What song


File: 1574898873601.jpg (264.13 KB,1488x1488,Iwakura.Lain.full.2693568.jpg) iqdb


Dani died from coronavirus when he traveled to Italy.


nah he has no lung problems and was too young, he is literally being MKULTRA'd. we will see him on the news

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