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They canceled my one million per share limit order. Fucking kikes.


File: 1611972691035.jpg (137.13 KB,1440x888,Screenshot_20210129-211057….jpg) iqdb

Bullshit I want 15million


File: 1611973568547.jpg (425.57 KB,1440x655,Screenshot_20210129-212418….jpg) iqdb

Friday came and went and I'm still in the green Wharton. You underestimated the redditors. This is literally the scene in The Dark Knight where joker expects the people on the boat to kill each other because they think the people on the other boat are gonna kill them but none push the button and they own the kikes


I'm $30 up do I sell??


On gme? Hell no. The short squeeze hasn't even started and that's the entire reason we bought


but I could buy a whole video game with that money


File: 1611977346859.png (74.05 KB,1387x249,o6c2lhqclde61.png) iqdb


Biden is gonna pass an executive order blocking us from getting money. The Jews won't let us get away with this


The whole point is the short squeeze. Unless the Jews have more tricks up their sleeves this shit will go over 1000


File: 1611981567396.jpg (153.19 KB,720x888,1611979671497.jpg) iqdb

I cannot think or comprehend anything more cucked than paying Taxes on your crypto.


File: 1611981612214.jpg (1.97 KB,125x92,1611979397484.jpg) iqdb



File: 1611982112761.jpg (675.75 KB,1005x1956,Screenshot_20210129-234707….jpg) iqdb

Wharton did you buy in yet? At this point the only thing that can stop us is the Jews themselves, the people aren't as retarded as you thought

AMC still has huge shorts too Wharton, I wish I bought in but I went all in on gme


I've understood what short selling was since 2013 when I was 18.

It's funny seeing the masses need these simplistic analogy explanations all the sudden.


Wow you read abbot stocks online in 2013 aren't you a genius


Well most people don't know that short selling exists.

Or basically don't know that you can make money if a stock goes down, but lose money if it goes up.


File: 1612281716110.jpeg (18.17 KB,748x165,image.jpeg) iqdb

Hope you're doing ok.


I'm just gong to ignore it. I'm going to have to cash out crypto now for rent and food. Feel like shit


File: 1612295704879.jpg (9.65 KB,271x65,Screenshot_20210202-145402….jpg) iqdb

Maybe I should put myself out of my misery

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