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I want a cute bug eyed girl to bring me beer


Yeah I like Heineken too it's my favorite beer.


I know some people don't like it but for me it's corona.


I don't like corona much to begin with but especially because it makes me think of Mexicans.


For me, it's Baltika 9


Very good choice, I wish it was easier to find around here.


File: 1608190411883.jpg (724.18 KB,1100x963,4648bf8de3b909e697af429822….jpg) iqdb

wish i could get drunk with some girls
it's been so long since i've drunk with someone, anyone
it's not as fun by yourself


I'm gonna get drunk with all my frens (who drink alcohol) and probably try to have sex with them too while i'm at it.


good luck


File: 1608267335100.jpg (4.4 MB,3799x3395,f3d42bc38dadd7c0be08112ee6….jpg) iqdb

drunk by myself again


File: 1608273731976.jpg (124.07 KB,850x601,__futaba_anzu_idolmaster_i….jpg) iqdb

That's sexy but she should stop wasting wine.

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