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I jacked off to kig videos on Pornhub ONCE

Phub gone now though 10 million of 13 million videos deleted, 99% of any jap videos of any kind from unverified accounts.


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>All it takes to upload content to Pornhub is an email address—no government-issued ID is required.

All they want to is have complete control over the internet.


Pornhub sucks anyways lol who cares


It didn't there was literally millions of amateur videos.


It didn't just remove amateur


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just delete it buttmin


>ending exploitation
No, it's about PH getting their payment processors back, and about the payment processors virtue signaling or something. Exploitation has decreased roughly 0% because of this. The exploitation will just move to another site that visa and mastercard have no influence over. All this did was inconvenience millions of people and made a few people feel morally superior for a few minutes.

also: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2020/12/visa-and-mastercard-are-trying-dictate-what-you-can-watch-pornhub


Triggered child rape justifying incel coomer


This is where crypto comes in


or should I say cums in? haha


Except it's really hard to buy crypto and any place that accepts debit cards wants your full info and a selfie picture.


You should've bought in 2015 and held


haha good one :)

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