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Not a chink shill, but you have to be literally retarded to believe /pol/ tier lies about China.

A team of chinese scientists under 30 just landed a rover on the dark side of the moon. They don't care about building 747s and impressing the world with their pedestrian travel plane engineering because they can just buy them. They care about technological advancement and pursuing accomplishments in the field of science and modern warfare. Who cares if they can't successfully brew whiskey that sells for $400 a bottle, they just buy that shit. It's this type of thinking which will lead to our downfall, and I wouldn't be surprised if China is pushing this sort of narrative. Yes a lot of their economy and society is fake and bullshit, but a lot of it ISN'T as well. Meanwhile, we're literally erasing the concept of meritocracy from the west.

Do you fucking understand how disastrous that will be? We're important trillions of niggers and getting rid of testing because niggers fail every test, and companies are being forced to hire 20% blacks and shit. Don't be a fucking retard.

Chinks won't develop and build infrastructure around things they can just buy. I'm a managing director at a pretty large design firm and let me explain something to you about reality: everyone fucking steals. If you can steal an idea legally and get away with it, you'd be an idiot not to do it. The dark reality about China is that while they do fucking steal everything and piss people off, they are also crushing us in certain technology sectors and biological research and genetic modification. They don't care if some fat nigger American thinks they're low class for failing to build a plane then buying a fleet of planes from germany… they are engaged in every kind of warfare while we go "hurr durr they can't even make good beer lmaooo"

Listening to poltards makes me think we are fucked.


No racism please

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