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Wharton they're already testing the emp false flag I need to protect my hard drives


Yeah I realized you're afraid of EMP cause you can lose all your crypto


Yeah google going down is inconceivable. They're gonna kill millions of people.


Yeah then I'm fucked for life. I'm reading how to protect a hard drive or electronics but idk shit about electromagnetism and waves and shit


just write your key on paper dipshit


Oh yeah lol


File: 1608012738791.jpeg (826.44 KB,750x922,6C8C4E72-6399-4F12-9198-6….jpeg) iqdb


It's starting for real whatnot


Imma invest in fumos that should keep my money safe


File: 1608030127732.jpeg (693.79 KB,750x921,120AB42F-5EAE-490B-965A-B….jpeg) iqdb

Richer than you Muhammed


Did you get those buttons ironically?


i have a splatoon themed switch case i really like but ive never actually played it I just liked the design


File: 1608079516168.jpg (255.54 KB,715x1000,1589837234061.jpg) iqdb

Cute you should post it.

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