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I feel kinda bad. I bought an Android phone in eBay for 350 and they sent me the wrong model that I can't root and unlock boot loader so I kept complaining to eBay and then eBay buyer protection me and refunded me. But the Chinese seller asking me to send it back but I am too autistic to know how to mail a package so I kept it. They over charged since the international model costs more than the locked American one. Am I an ass whole

Like I just kept the put some accounts on it and I'm getting used to it over my iPhone and think I'm just gonna keep it now.

It's got a trash battery that drains even when the screen is off and the screen has horrible burn in. But its faster than my iPhone and the screen resolution is a massive difference. I hate the curved screen too it looks kinda cool I guess but is an annoying gimmick

Am i a shitty person? It also took a month to ship from China and wasn't even the phone I paid extra and waited a month for

This isn't really theft or scamming right? They are the scammers sending the wrong phone with a burn in screen and trash battery that I waited a whole month for. EBay forced them to refund me and I didn't leave a bad review. But in exchange for no feedback I kept it. I don't know how you return packages it gives me anxiety and if eBay didn't refund me I would be stuck with it so I think it's on them not my fault


they sent you the wrong phone and then wanted it back?


Yeah I complained to eBay and then they said they'll refund it if I ship it back to China so I wouldn't have gotten my money for months. But they are required to provide you with the shipping label and took to long to send it so eBay forced them to refund me and said I don't have to do anything but the China sellers emailed me asking to send it back.

I'm a sperg I was so mad since I don't know how to ship a package its too much work and I thought I was gonna be stuck with it.

But I looked at xda and they actually figured out how to root this phone but not unlock the bootloader but it's more complicated and can brick it.

Even if it was the the model I would be mad because the oled burn in is so bad and they battery doesn't last long. But I literally got a free phone now


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Like if they required me to ship it my depression anxiety ass would have never sent it back and been stuck with it. But then eBay refunded me so I got my money but the China men want me to send it. Like I've had wrong orders on Amazon I've never sent and computer parts I've never sold cuz I don't get out of bed so I'm not gonna get out of bed for them. I'm just keeping it. The resolution makes such a big difference I can use split screen again like my old Android and now I can use clover again and watch webms.I think I'm gonna try to root it anyway so I can block ads

Oh yeah YouTube vanced is great


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I was thinking of sending like 80 bucks thru PayPal but even that seems a lot with this burn in and forcing me to use Samsung bloatware


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What phone is this


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Yeah that's what I thought but people in the pol thread said it was dying and getting severe damage


People in the pol thread seem very wise indeed.


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Idk they're all arguing idk if they're pretending to be retarded but I just saved the webms in the thread to make the toxic tranny it seethe because I got a free phone from bugmen scammers who got what they deserved


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