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Wharton this one is real



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He be literally laying it out


This retard thinks 9/11 wasn't done by muslim extremists.

Osama Bin Laden literally sent 3 fatwas before 9/11 warning the US that they're gonna do it if they don't

1) Stop occupying the middle east
2) Stop supporting Israel
3) End embargoes/sanctions on Iraq

They had the reasons to do it, they said they were going to do it, they did do it, and you're crazy if you think otherwise.


The CIA funded him in the 90s you stupid fuck. He's literally a Saudi Arabia/cia/mossad asset you fucking retard. The terrorists who did 9/11 were literally trained and funded by Saudis. The same shit happened with isis you stupid fuck. CIA saudis and mossad trained and funded them to fight against Assad as (((rebels))).

Yes Osama was a radical Muslim but the false flaggers literally paid and funded him and helped mak let sure his cave dwelling pawns were successful

You are so fucking stupid


Like yeah he was real and isis is real and Al quadea was real but they are literally useful pawns for elites you dumb proto zoomer


Do not take the mRNA vaccine. Wait until someone eventually develops an ordinary vaccine or simply rely on your immune system to do the job.




My school is going to force me to I need to get out


I guess you're kinds of right that he seems to think the terrorists weren't even real or something. He almost convinced me there was a controlled demolition but he seems retarded on that. But America Israel and Saudi Arabia all knew and made sure the terrorists were successful with the string pulling.

And the bio terror false flag is fucking obvious that its coming this decade you have to be retarded not to see it

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