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don't get it


This was where Trump had his staff hold a press conference yesterday.

At "Four Seasons Landscaping", probably because someone meant to actually book "Four Seasons Hotel".

Idk what the GIMP'd ball pit is for though.


It's cringe and sad like Trump's life


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>Idk what the GIMP'd ball pit is for though.
yeah that's the part i didn't get


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Wow an unironic KYM link I didn't think this place could get more culturally dearralect guess I'm proven wrong.


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Sorry I didn't know about a 2012 tumblr convention meme


culturally what???


did I st-st-st-stutter?



Kill yourself, Nigger


sorry next time I'll waste my time and verbatim explain what happened to you instead of posting a hyperlink


And easily trolled to boot an amazing outcome indeed


We laughed about it on /jp/ when it happened, and there were even ballpit edits with touhous.


I vaguely remember it after being reminded of it but it didn't make enough of an impact on me to remember the ball pit just in random context




all these newest of fags


stfu i've been here on /what/ since day one


oh yeah? what was it then?


What was what

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