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This is Inuyasha's and Kagome's canonical daughter.

She lifts


Can you bench press more than this little girl, /what/?


Assuming that's standard 45lb plates, then 25lb plates, and a 44lb standard olympic bar.

Then yes, but I'd rather do it in dumbell weights because I'm scared of heavy barbell bench press.


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Lifted and carried a bag of gravel on my shoulder for about 15 metres

must've weighted like 15 kilos, I'm buff as heck


All you need is somebody spotting you. It can be a cute gril for additional motivation just try not to rip it.


It's really not that hard unless you are benching some absurd powerlifting comp weight, specially not at 2 plates. Just leave the weight without pins and do the roll of shame. It sucks but no reason to chicken out.

wow, so strong, i'm in awe! all the girls must be crazy for you.


I'm partly scared of weights and partly just don't want to waste money, so I stick to calisthenics. It sucks to buy workout equipment only to have it collect dust.

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