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Rate my script to download all videos from a tiktok profile.

The links to each video are generated when you load the webpage with javascript enabled.

I'm not messing with that from python, so you have to manually load the tiktok profile in a web browser (tiktok has an "infinite scroll" type interface), then ctrl+s save the HTML.

They banned my IP address after I accidentally opened up 600 simultaneous connections to download videos with an earlier version of this script.




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ban yourself whatmin


I just wanted to download my favorite 19 year old cosplayer's tiktoks.

She's from Barcelona.


oh so you want to bang her that's fine I guess


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Post script


File: 1603363101378.txt (1.19 KB,tiktok-get.txt)

Just simply ctrl+s the profile page and save it as "in.html" in the same folder you run the script, then you can just run the script with no arguments.

youtube-dl must be in your PATH

BeautifulSoup is the only library used that doesn't come built-in to python.


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Would you fuck her whatmins


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Use youtube-dl or my script for full profiles and stop uploading mov files retard.


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I can't use your script on an iPhone incel. Fix your thumbnails so they work for iOS files you retarded freak


You should look into gallery-dl.


You can use puppeteer's apis to headlessly control a browser to skip the html save & input stuff. It's sorta like selenium if you've ever used that, except not dogshit.


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