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Finally rolled a good character in this shit game


what are her perks


She's explosive hue hue


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Ok actually she's a pretty shit character, I'm just happy she has big tits.
I play this game for the tits and kanji


show me some characters you've learned recently


File: 1596530401768.png (1.73 MB,2246x1080,Screenshot_2020-08-03-21-0….png) iqdb

嗤う わらう
You read it as 笑う but the kanji has implies that they are not laughing with the girl, but at the girl. Malice implied.
These rare ones are all over the place so I just screencap them and look up later


嗤う わらう 哂う 呵う
ひんしょく 顰蹙
屠る はふる
躱す かわす
悶える もどえる
悶着 もんちゃく
忿懣 ふんまん
綻びる ほころびる
頷く うなずく
憮然 ぶぜん
惆悵  ちゅうちょう
咎める とがめる
俯き うつむき
誅戮  ちょうりく
啖呵 たんか
庇う かばう
蠕動 ぜんどう
煌びやか きらびやか
絨毯 じゅうたん
踵 かかと
憤懣 フンマン 憤悶
贔屓 ひいき
迸 ほとばしる とばしる
跪く ひざまずく
噎せる むせる
揶揄 やゆ
藪 やぶ
隘路 あいろ
躊躇 ちゅうちょ
窘 たしなめる
飄飄 ひょうひょう
齟齬 そご
頓挫 とんざ
唸る 呻る うなる
一瞥 いちべつ
髑髏 されこうべ
颯爽 さっそう
靡く なびく
萎靡 いび 淫靡 いんび
These are all from my rare kanji vault that are related to the game, either found them in it or related to some.
It's pretty literary for being a porn game


File: 1596538699051.png (2.43 MB,2246x1080,Screenshot_2020-07-11-18-2….png) iqdb

That was autistic so here are some good tits on a teacher


dayum that's a lot, and most of them are complex kanjis too
how long did it take you to pick all of these up?
implying that you can write and read them by heart of course

at my current speed, i can learn like 4 - 5 kanjis a week max
life hint: it's impossible to learn japanese


File: 1596695108884.png (1.29 MB,2246x1080,Screenshot_2020-08-06-08-1….png) iqdb

Do you guys ever think about what would be like fucking this thing? Because I think about it. A lot.


File: 1596695658664.png (1.18 MB,2246x1080,Screenshot_2020-08-06-08-1….png) iqdb

Look at those thunderthighs, jesus

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