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You're a pedophile


File: 1596355664822.mov (850.39 KB,trim.AB502114-B054-404F-99….MOV)



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convert them to webm before uploading you fucking mong

who the fuck still uses .mov


Non incels


File: 1596360254408.mov (6.02 MB,trim.2B4AE0BD-E005-4516-A3….MOV)




gonna ignore all these videos without thumbnails since I know they're gonna be norm junk


Ignore my dick in your ass bitch


you type like a foid nigger


You type like a retard


took you two days to come up with that one LOL



File: 1596572763937.mov (6.03 MB,trim.7AD9A8AE-E8E7-4283-8A….MOV)

You just proved my point retard lol


File: 1596572998904.mov (3.85 MB,trim.E6999CFB-2C61-4E22-BD….MOV)

Think I'm gonna start watching naruto


File: 1596573141913.mov (1.83 MB,trim.47F83CE1-50A7-419A-BD….MOV)



Nigger POOPs


File: 1596576376314.mov (1.08 MB,trim.CC3E584E-9BE2-4348-9E….MOV)

I love how online stalking is normal to zoomers they're just like 4chan incels were ten years ago


I honestly think Naruto is good when it's being good, it's just that more often than it's good; it's mind mindbogglingly retarded like the 5 kage arc where sasuke becomes the dinduchiha or the time they spend 2 volumes of the manga fighting illusions for no real good reason and a few other arcs that have no real long-lasting effects and don't build into anything.
Stuff like the first 4 volumes, jiraiya and pain, or the part where Shikamaru just becomes the main character for 3 volumes are pretty cool.

I also feel like the manga industry has over-corrected to the mistakes of naruto, 7 sins, and bleach and created a world where weekly shounen battle manga have very little plot, characters just show up, have flashbacks at each other, fight, then are never heard from in a meaningful way again and even the main characters just have no more character development from that point on just to avoid having major mistakes in character motivation or edginess that make no sense. And even the one's I listed above had that to some extent, but it's going into an extreme.


The only naruto arc I liked was the one with the girly boy from the water country


Post a pic of the girly SHAB (boy)


i had a friend in high school who was really into naruto and even had a cosplay for it i wonder if hes still a weeb now


File: 1596596659890.jpg (92.41 KB,857x697,35-357164_no-caption-provi….jpg) iqdb

The one on the right, and that's his boyfriend on the left


File: 1596596797754.png (Spoiler Image,292.29 KB,670x336,ZabuHaku.png) iqdb

Spoiler. I cried when this happened.


File: 1596601657481.mov (911.96 KB,trim.68A7C41C-0F92-42A4-A1….MOV)

Rep vs Dem is literally white vs non-white


yeah i liked that one back then. i tried watching it again and i realized i only liked the moments those two were on the screen


Is it better than bleach


File: 1596653897110.mov (1.68 MB,trim.416E11A1-2725-4C3E-A8….MOV)

No nigga I'm a pimp named slick


File: 1596654288592.mov (1.55 MB,trim.FE0D2671-BEDF-49F6-A0….MOV)



File: 1596654358223.mov (928.98 KB,trim.3CBC1A3D-E796-4D82-91….MOV)



File: 1596654816885.mov (1.83 MB,trim.3EE472D7-9FA4-41DE-96….MOV)

The guy died recording this woah


File: 1596659348090.mov (946.97 KB,trim.7A483E02-4E69-4F0D-80….MOV)

Zoomer humor is millennial middle School humor


File: 1596659722624.mov (1.15 MB,trim.FC02B361-701C-404E-BA….MOV)


Anyone who defends cops is a statist slave


File: 1596659976206.mov (1.62 MB,trim.BF0C61B5-9DDC-450E-80….MOV)



whatmin del this shit thread i'm sure the hard drive space could be used on a better thread


File: 1596661051464.mov (3.18 MB,trim.500CA089-F26A-42A0-A2….MOV)

You are so fucking mad right now🤣🤣😭😭😭💀💀💀💀


whatmin likes garbage on his site that's why he specifically went out of his way to allow .mov files just to accommodate one person


File: 1596661330275.jpg (420.82 KB,1152x720,84ecc8410f5a8dfb4b5d4eb2a5….jpg) iqdb

Look, I've deleted literally hundreds of his .mov threads but he decided to condense them into 1 thread so I'm leaving it alone.

TBH, you don't want the thumbnails.


File: 1596661354711.mov (1.06 MB,trim.B04F6FA5-18D8-4465-8F….MOV)

This is you you are garbage


File: 1596661689451.mov (1.43 MB,trim.7F6B2AE4-1BF6-4CED-B0….MOV)

You want them


you are the admin equivalent of a cuckold


File: 1596662477023.mov (1.43 MB,trim.3C7C6BB6-9655-4EDA-98….MOV)

Whatmins is my bitch


File: 1596662699458.mov (843.67 KB,trim.9CE39D63-988C-4CEE-9E….MOV)

Sigh with me tranny bros


why not just rangeban this retard? literally no one likes him. why did you unban him in the first place?


File: 1596663479922.mov (1.55 MB,trim.DF6E0393-827A-40E2-A9….MOV)

You'll get what you deserve someday


File: 1596664242716.jpg (1.21 MB,1600x1200,635f67f93030610650657f6b9a….jpg) iqdb

How? I am simply comprising by allowing him to have this thread instead of spamming 100 different threads.


It's good you know your place💪🏿 🇰🇪


File: 1596670332470.jpg (384.08 KB,652x926,1588388433402.jpg) iqdb



The hand on his neck is obviously white. Even my old nignig mugi picture was better done than this.


What pic


File: 1596675210488.mov (1.45 MB,trim.525121D5-7681-41B4-91….MOV)

Me @ what


File: 1596675513079.mov (1.14 MB,trim.88FC4C41-B525-4A5C-AB….MOV)

Wtf how is this a tranny


File: 1596680639971.mov (1.58 MB,trim.6458064C-4F89-4F78-B8….MOV)



Wtf the video didn't save right stupid chink app


File: 1596682066644.mov (1.21 MB,trim.4545C239-51EA-423F-89….MOV)

I just check both


File: 1596762278490.mov (1.68 MB,trim.C40D9524-D8FA-4749-99….MOV)

Is Naruto better than bleach

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