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"It says here you were arrested three years ago for possession of illustrated sex abuse material"


Did I get raped if I chose to fuck a hot 27 year old woman when I was a minor



Does it mean I'm an alpha stud



yeah it does stay jelly incel LOL


You got raped


cope virgin i was getting my dick licked when i was 15 and you're still a virgin AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HOLY SHIT




how was it rape?


she took advantage of you


How if I wanted it and was horny as fuck


literally rapecope, i'm sorry you're so damaged.


I'm sorry you're so jealous I lived out your dreams


You say you weren't raped and you weren't damaged but you clearly were, which is why you still talk about it 20 years later. "Alpha studs" don't talk about their sex partners from more than a week ago, and they definitely don't talk about it to a bunch of gay weebs on a shitty imageboard.


they talk about how they slang adult woman puss as 15 year olds because that's rare even for chads


I'm a Chad

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