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Why would anyone use this?


File: 1566067840449.png (486.49 KB,790x867,kiniro mosaic 0041.png) iqdb

come to the karen thread boys


File: 1566071666844.jpg (122.27 KB,650x850,20141021.jpg) iqdb


good board


This guy is right, Merorin has the highest quality posts and the most interesting threads of any currently active imageboard that I use. Not to mention it has the coolest posters, who know how to take it easy and have a good time. The admin is always quick to join in on the fun, and is basically just one of the bros. I would be hard-pressed to find a better board in this day and age, especially in the /jp/verse.


File: 1566248999509.jpg (191.79 KB,800x622,1564467066087.jpg) iqdb

doesn't hondy post there


he posts here to apparently




File: 1566252093592.jpg (98.97 KB,1005x717,kaguwa.jpg) iqdb

I just went and there was an autralian guy, too. Is he the same one that wanted to go join the french foreign legion and was a Kagura fan?

There was no sign of porchy though so the site is basically worthless.


Kagura poster is sometimes on /what/ still sometimes maybe. But idk if it's the same as FFL guy.


File: 1566254033571.jpg (38.32 KB,320x420,kagura-chan.jpg) iqdb

>Kagura poster is sometimes on /what/ still sometimes maybe
You're probably just talking about me and I'm not him.


oh right

happy birthday for in a few months!


File: 1566256469635.jpg (100.7 KB,1005x710,kagute.jpg) iqdb

thank yuo

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