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So this is the sekrit club everyone went to


whart-ch will ded dis year 4 sho


Big titty chitty bang bang sittin' on a dick
Tryin' to play a pimp by the fifteen tricks
Hoes play with me weekly
So I'm down wit ol' ho play with my pee pee
Eazy muthaphukkin' access
Saggy baggy ass pants for a happy ass bitch
Ho ho ho to the ho in the cold
Ski to the E or piss in the snow
I take a ho from the show to the mo' to the flo'
To the inches below, now the ho has gotta go
Pussy just as hairy as a panda, pinker than pink panther
Panty expander, tricks lick long while I lap hard long and fast
While I'm pimpin' honey's ass


You ol' pussy-ass, cake-ass, punk-ass, trick-ass, sucker-ass,
Fuck-ass, dick-in-the-booty-ass, K-Y Jelly-packing-ass nigga
You better get your bitch ass up off the street, nigga
You got five seconds to get your hating ass up outta here (Pouring up and showing up, bitch)
'Cause it's some trill-ass niggas in this motherfucker
Yeah, nigga, y'all know the motherfucking sco', y'all non-snorters, non-smokers, non-sippers,
Get the fuck up out of here, bitch
Nigga, it's some sipping-ass, pouring up-ass, smoking-ass, getting high-ass niggas in here,
Three 6, UGK, nigga, we putting it down in this motherfucker
And we ain't playing wit'chu, y'all know the motherfucking sco', homie
Now pour it up, nigga


dropping bars

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