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File: 1585915006935.webm (31.71 MB,1280x720,Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku OP.webm) iqdb


Did you know lucky star actually had a spinoff? I didn't. It's about some literal who side character and her little sister slowly starving to death.

The OP is very nice though.


Misao was such cute


this!! this!!!


Huh it came out in 2013. Did no one on /ota/ talk about it? That was my only source of anime news in 2013.


File: 1585964409950.jpg (792.39 KB,850x800,1533573814519.jpg) iqdb

Yes, I remember the first time it came out.

It wasn't exactly considered good, it was met with poor reception.


sorta like the haruhi spinoff

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