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File: 1585608152519.png (439.69 KB,750x1334,E4DE7BE2-D4F7-43DB-9072-80….png) iqdb


I've been beating myself up about it all day


Imagine being so BETA you thinking wearing clothes with graphics on them past the age of 23 is okay lmao 😂


Imagine using the word beta in 2020

Get lost Boomer


Can someone please take a screenshot of their shopping cart and it's just filled with dresses and skirts and stuff?
I need it for a project. Thanks!


Nice beta cope you tard did mommy also dress you up in the morning while pegging you lmao 😏😏😂😂👌






What are you gonna do with it?


File: 1585612318715.png (960.53 KB,750x1334,BAC1DD17-90C2-45E2-90FB-90….png) iqdb

It's fucking perfect and my dumb greedy ass was looking at the other sales while it was in my cart


Big yikes my dude


Fuck off homo


File: 1585648050683.jpg (36.08 KB,550x576,d63b733c4132942289447f8304….jpg) iqdb

found this for you


Plain shirts are boring though. I'm 31 and literally all of my shirts have graphics on them.




Sorry you aged like milk


Cope harder



Wow so random


nice trips


>Implying that wearing t-shirt with graphics makes you less of an adult.



I bought one for$50 instead of the$30 sale but whatever

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