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Even if Netflix is overloaded it looks better than a fucking DVD player


At least DVDs are free and no longer have to pay for them.


Lol what


True, I have gotten them for free and don't pay for any streaming services.


You don't get a physical DVD for free you drooling virgin loser. And for downloading you can get anything for free


Yes, I do you nigger.


No you don't retarded ugly incel


Yes, I can you subhuman nigger.


I don't know about free, but you can easily buy a huge stack of 50-100 DVDs for just a few dollars on ebay or at garage sales.


You literally can't unless you steal them from a store. At home you can pirate anything you want


Libraries have movies, baka-tachi


Holly fuck why not just pirate.

And wait a minute aren't libraries socialist or communist out whatever


Libraries are communism


this meme format is an eyesore


Deal with it homo


This fucking owned that faggot

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