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File: 1585385494692.jpg (537.92 KB,1920x1080,2020-03-28-014139_1920x108….jpg) iqdb


I beat FF13 tonight

10/10 game AMA



File: 1585385605961.jpg (298.77 KB,1920x1080,mpv-xIxnvxjqGUA?t=166-00:0….jpg) iqdb

Vanilla has a screaming orgasm during her summon.



File: 1585385691864.jpg (424.33 KB,1920x1080,2020-03-28-015603_1920x108….jpg) iqdb



Why are you so ugly?


I like the vs god genre tbh.


It's true the last boss is basically "God".


Play persona


File: 1585427872135.jpg (236.69 KB,600x821,1580370871919.jpg) iqdb

I've played Persona 5 and most of P4.

What about it?



did it work?


did it work?


File: 1585600891829.jpg (1.39 MB,1653x1169,1585591938047.jpg) iqdb

Waiting for FFXIII-2 to go on sale.


Just pirate it you pussy


File: 1585601442113.jpg (981.18 KB,1500x2000,1585587705637.jpg) iqdb

Fuck no.

Random malware crack with no cloud saves and not tied to my Steam account.


Then pay full price and support the dev



File: 1585604422547.png (3.55 MB,2000x2696,1585590422334.png) iqdb

Thought you were buying me the game.


Why would I buy you asshole


File: 1585613414499.jpg (549.61 KB,827x1105,1585610175847.jpg) iqdb

I've had Dani buy me games and he hated me.


He literally gets free money. I'm a third world American


File: 1585613601948.jpg (494.75 KB,1704x1314,1585604017730.jpg) iqdb



When the game came out I self inserted as hope and fantasized about lightning dominating me

I think I'm too old to insert as him now and just think of her as my best friend gf


File: 1585613843263.png (361.78 KB,640x360,70AF51E6-AB31-4BDF-AE22-D4….png) iqdb

It fucking hurts so much


Did they cum on her McDonalds?


File: 1585680568516.jpg (132.13 KB,600x900,a5K9M7g_700b.jpg) iqdb

Oh shit I never knew this comic was Lightning.


Why won't you stream it whamwrnt

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