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jesus christ that america online is nostalgic ass fuck

but who was using aol in the fucking myspace era? myspace was 2004-2007 and by then no one used aol onlie


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man msn messenger and AIM and omg that windows media player in the taskbar hnnnnnnnnggg

what's funny is i was on fucking windows ME for like the entirety of the early 2000s, i used the most windows fucked OS and got so used to the weird glitches that when i finally moved onto xp it jut felt so "empty', like clean, compared to the cesspool that was windows ME and I missed the cesspool


I was on ME until 7 lol



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I used to have the same exact Azumanga Daioh wallpaper when I was in high school.


How old are you my nigga



Nice me too


Everyone was cute in azumanga, maybe I liked osaka a little less. I played CS 1.6 yesterday

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