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This is the official (beer virus edition) /what/ blog thread. If you have something to say but don't want to make a thread for it…


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File: 1584982000895.jpg (304.74 KB,2400x1599,0003.jpg) iqdb



File: 1584985284564.webm (17.1 MB,576x320,2020-03-23 11-14-03.webm) iqdb

intro from the milky holmes game


File: 1584987811104.jpg (212.31 KB,1440x1080,1584980752741.jpg) iqdb



Whatmin the fag


File: 1584998367803.jpeg (71.28 KB,1192x670,image.jpeg) iqdb

Is that a boy?


probably, you can tell from masculine collarbone and shoulder width and relatively thin thighs and that it's posted on /what/.




File: 1585009272016.png (1.33 MB,1280x720,1584986809047.png) iqdb


File: 1585011442153.jpeg (88.45 KB,600x454,image.jpeg) iqdb

Oh okay I feel less weird about the picture turning me on now, thanks.


File: 1585012886169-0.png (509.24 KB,750x1150,80262623_p0.png) iqdb


She's so tsun I want a bully gf


File: 1585024249549.jpg (245.45 KB,2400x1599,0016.jpg) iqdb

It's a girl


prove it


File: 1585031669838.webm (2.79 MB,1280x720,1584990078349.webm) iqdb



File: 1585031746272.jpg (692.57 KB,1919x2880,0018.jpg) iqdb




File: 1585055791663.jpeg (426.63 KB,750x1036,12EFC23B-9A31-4CBE-8776-3….jpeg) iqdb



File: 1585064603260.jpg (450.89 KB,1242x1080,hatw.jpg) iqdb

what on suicide watch


File: 1585080034047.jpeg (652.49 KB,1500x1067,image.jpeg) iqdb

Top: Me

Bottom: Kissmin


File: 1585114230387.jpg (221.49 KB,850x1212,1585091180172.jpg) iqdb



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File: 1585114484437.jpeg (284.39 KB,750x513,77A63879-920B-4127-AB12-F….jpeg) iqdb



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Wow, I got 6 friend requests from gaybois on xtube in just two weeks, but I haven't touched my xtube account in years and I only have one video on there from years ago.

Considering I haven't had any friend requests for about a year then get all of these suddenly, maybe my masturbation video suddenly became really popular or something. That would be nice!



File: 1585150040494.jpg (660.87 KB,1544x933,1584991761022.jpg) iqdb



File: 1585158757105.png (1.34 MB,719x1280,image.png) iqdb

Link it…


i searched the names in his email on xtube, litearlly all of them were spam bot accounts that have all been banned


congrats cute anon you are famous!!


All me.


File: 1585174659417.png (227.48 KB,640x360,Chq7byG.png) iqdb

first day of 4 week quarantine
will be getting a wage subsidy
but damn, i have no hobbies


Fucking normie


my location has 2 week semi-quarantine but i still have to attend all my uni classes online sigh


what country? america has the whole nation online classes till fall minimum


File: 1585183146263.jpg (139.67 KB,854x1280,fbd679818e4ea91e.jpeg.jpg) iqdb

can you toxic tranny turbofreaks get trevor to turn gnfos back on so i can go back there? i am sick of this board


WA state
online classes for all the rest of the semester yeah
but also starting right now there's 2 weeks of "actually don't go outside at all"


Whatmin the fag


Oh that's disappointing. I thought it was suspicious though because normally it says I'll have new subscribers too but idk xtube has changed a lot since I uploaded the video so it's probably all different now anyway.


Post the video you fucking faggot


cute + dork



how many views does your masturbation video have? mine has 1900…


Post it


File: 1585228590975.jpg (44.79 KB,710x720,1435900731366.jpg) iqdb

Um, 10 thousand views and 100% up rating…


Post it



World-famous boyslut….


He's lying


File: 1585236009194.webm (10.85 MB,1280x720,bring out your dead.webm) iqdb



File: 1585245148577.png (863.03 KB,1918x1082,a.png) iqdb



File: 1585263600502.jpeg (46.19 KB,399x600,image.jpeg) iqdb

So many cute boys it's almost overwhelming…





File: 1585340953867.gif (91.37 KB,319x440,1585339438858.gif) iqdb

Lets see yours then.


america in 6 months xD


"Hi, I'm a big gay dumb smelly boy, haha"

- typical whomo post


File: 1585472765435.jpg (291.86 KB,1291x1721,12493795_435627346635466_7….jpg) iqdb

キタ━━━( >,<)━━━!!


suck my cock, dude


>beer virus
oh I get it now


File: 1585504114863.png (236.52 KB,397x480,duhhh.png) iqdb


Duh you



File: 1585683380748.jpg (478.3 KB,1174x1797,ET1YaTzWAAAc415.jpg) iqdb



File: 1585684159600.webm (2.98 MB,320x650,1585577920488.webm) iqdb

How do you get your legs so skinny?

What'd you fight to get cut up like that?


Please stop being so obsessed with me it's creeping me out.




I'm sorry, I won't post anymore.

I'm sorry, I hope you recover okay.


What happened?


Some homo got owned


cummied to this



I had a dream this morning where i had a birl gf and she was whining about things and extremely emotionally unstable and the elevator in the hotel was more like a ferris wheel and went up and around in a big circle overlooking the ocean but you could stop and open the door at any level like normal elevator.

She was cute though and had pixie short haircut and smelled of girl and we snuggled lots.

Overall nice dream.







File: 1585863401871.jpg (102.74 KB,640x458,1480461688947.jpg) iqdb

went to the supermarket to get some groceries
had to line up for 20-30 mins
some people wearing masks and gloves
no one was talking, god help you if you had a coofing fit

they closed the liquor stores here and you cannot buy spirit in the supermarket so had to get gross high strength ales instead


Where you from


File: 1585868632416.jpg (220.94 KB,722x1000,c3546787y890nf56.jpg) iqdb

new zealand


Post a Kagami otherwise we can't tell who you are.


File: 1585875987864.png (310.79 KB,511x735,lonely.png) iqdb


File: 1585947965461.png (492.31 KB,736x1127,1576370507952.png) iqdb

got well trollied last night and went for a pushbike ride
rode to the top of a hill with a good view and laid sprawled out on the cold earth for an hour or more until it was dark

when the manic phase line up with getting drunk. like im on something else


tell me about the sunset, was it colourful?


*sticks it around your p3n1s*


File: 1586137201624.jpg (119.11 KB,607x428,1450661310452.jpg) iqdb



You forgot to say ">/what/"!


Anyone else playing deus whatmin?


File: 1586307825979.png (98.05 KB,933x229,image.png) iqdb

I didn't understand what he meant by this.


deus irae


File: 1586339650344.jpeg (422.07 KB,1280x1805,image.jpeg) iqdb





File: 1586381610399.jpeg (459.2 KB,1280x1805,image.jpeg) iqdb

He's the /what/ sensei to the /what/ boys.



File: 1586392133155.jpeg (Spoiler Image,563.64 KB,1280x1805,image.jpeg) iqdb

They're clearly high schoolers regardless of "pedo" accusations anyway hardly anime girl posted is ever of age.


Someone needs to murder Dennis before he destroys a young boys life


File: 1586393339498.jpeg (199.19 KB,2048x1536,image.jpeg) iqdb

Huh? What are you even going on about and who? IRL boys are for protecting you don't lewd them it's why we have the 2D kind in the first place you dummy.




You aren't fooling anyone. Enjoy the prison rape, you probably will actually.


File: 1586404610028.jpeg (45 KB,232x536,image.jpeg) iqdb

You're just baiting me to post more cute boys aren't you? Because I'm fine with that.
Geez someone sure is grumpy.


File: 1586405646470.jpg (117.25 KB,750x408,1578010099164.jpg) iqdb

just got stung by a bee
right on my chest


Haha you doofus how do you let a bee land on your bare chest and sting you?


i was riding my bike and it went down inside my tshirt
lot of bees around at the moment

not the first time it's happened either


Wear a tighter fitting shirt so bees can't get scooped up!


Where were you riding it




she was trying to say she loves you


I'll shoot you in the face



File: 1586469584396.png (2.12 MB,1920x1080,15273872935334.png) iqdb

rolling countryside 12km circuit around where i live, the same as i've done for my whole life

used to ride the same roads as a child
weird to think how over 20 years ago i was zipping down the same road going home from school with a cassette player for music


Whatmin the fag


File: 1586525028297-0.webm (11.48 MB,854x480,nazuchan.webm) iqdb



that's not how eyebrows work


Umm, did you mean eyelashes?


File: 1586593263272.jpg (157.51 KB,900x662,aisu.jpg) iqdb

>me and bike-anon going for a cycle.



going for a group ride on the town bike with what!


i got a mosquito bite on my knuckle and a couple other spots. the ones in other spots are healing over fine but the one on the knuckle has turned into like a tiny little blister. WTF??? Am i going to die??


File: 1586741514628.png (435.18 KB,726x1022,__original_drawn_by_kano_a….png) iqdb



/what/ please help, I'm really horny and squirmy


squirm on the floor gayly right now!


File: 1587139052859.mp4 (Spoiler Image,7.75 MB,730x854,LfZCJ8h.mp4) iqdb




File: 1587194241559.jpg (135.33 KB,850x1272,1587155464141.jpg) iqdb

drunk a bottle of pinot an 2 beers
went for a bike ride and brought along 2 more beers
drank one in a vinyard and tossed the bottle into a birch grove
had the second one at the lookout and hurled it down into the valley before riding home


Don't litter, you should be ashamed of yourself


its just glass, melted silica..
it will soon be covered up and disappear for hundreds of years


Littering is the epitome of subhuman behaviour.


gib cums or gib desu


Subhuman retard



imagine if you were playing volleyball with Haruhi and she casually wiped the sweat off her face with her top and put her boobers on full display and she just casually looked at you like it was no big deal and she was legitimately wondering what you were staring so excitedly at


File: 1587277622083.jpg (131.86 KB,768x1024,1587237567154.jpg) iqdb




File: 1587328028232-0.jpg (346.88 KB,1280x720,[HorribleSubs] Kakushigoto….jpg) iqdb



nice melons my dear


is this milg?


whatmin you said to get a 5500 XT or better GPU for Linux but people apparently have driver issues and black screens should I just get a 580

I've never built a computer before so I don't want extra issues when I'm still learning everything else


File: 1587405258452.jpg (377.28 KB,849x1200,74102144_p0_master1200.jpg) iqdb

>people apparently have driver issues
I also said don't buy AMD GPUs if you're going to use Windows.

The only reason I buy AMD GPUs is they have the best drivers on Linux.


File: 1587407677202.png (41.24 KB,1218x243,2020-04-20-142613_1218x243….png) iqdb

that's what i thought but this post scared me


File: 1587407999300.jpg (198.4 KB,1024x640,1587315591251.jpg) iqdb

For sure it's not perfect and you may have GPU driver crashes especially depending on what version of the kernel and mesa you're running.

Still rather have it than Nvidia's Linux driver.


that's why i was wondering if I should get an older AMD GPU. I really just want 60 FPS @ 1080p

I think i want a RX 580 if i get an older one or a RX 5600 XT if i get a newer one.


File: 1588358374596.jpg (128.82 KB,1280x960,znt_sharo01c.jpg) iqdb

>she sees your jaypee


Can someone please post that hella tall noodly girl webm again?
I missed it the first time.


File: 1588464709449.webm (1.44 MB,584x854,1587975111416.webm) iqdb

ayy lmao


Allen's are real bro


Pussy ass whatmin


File: 1589318653670.jpg (158.13 KB,1050x1204,113f14238999ba96a2fffc6e90….jpg) iqdb

I deleted someone's thread from a 23.*.*.* IP address not realizing it wasn't someone else.



That was me dumbass losermin


Thought it was.


I don't accept your apology


Me on the left


File: 1589328661761.webm (Spoiler Image,2.24 MB,798x450,5739d2abc73cf6ddffacf2252….webm) iqdb



File: 1589331216559.mp4 (Spoiler Image,3.29 MB,1280x980,チノちゃんでボンバーマン.mp4) iqdb



Then don't expect another one.



Who did you think I was?




Were you really apologizing to me


Someone post trap boobers pls.


Are you Chinese?



untranslated didn't read


botnet site didn't read


File: 1589470144679.png (306.28 KB,857x1326,__kasumi_kantai_collection….png) iqdb

>he cant read Japanese


pinching birl boobies


>need account
>not botnet


>he doesnt have a premium /what/ account where he blocks ips he doesnt like.


File: 1589472762646.jpg (210.41 KB,900x730,LGD_Caption_Kuroko.jpg) iqdb

It's necessary to keep government and law enforcement out.

And generally people who don't want to be there.


I wonder how all those thousand other hentai sites are up, then


1) Not as big targets (or are literally just mirrors like nhentai)

2) e-hentai is public, it's the public version of exhentai, with some notable content/tags missing, just like most hentai sites.


Thanks for confirming its not worth it. I will just search for upside down giantess penis vore on nhentai a little more than to deal with the panda bs


*pinches your birl titties*


its friday so getting drunk again
starting with soju then some gordons straight
the soju is gross tbh
there's a reason most alcohol is flavoured


Just kill yourself already

Put yourself out of your misery


File: 1589523890431.jpg (63.48 KB,1280x720,14874227747398.jpg) iqdb

please dont bully me


Your family is ashamed that you were born


File: 1589524178885.jpg (455.61 KB,800x553,0d40ae9d1d61eec2b52ce89a4d….jpg) iqdb

Don't listen to that guy he says that to everyone.

Get drunk


Don't listen to whatmin he's a hopeless loser you don't want to end up like him


Aren't yayoi and iori underage?
…well that didn't stop me back then either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


No wonder you're so fucked up


File: 1589527424945.jpg (73.67 KB,579x1163,f57a74881545b5c0cb51ac5c49….jpg) iqdb

first got drunk at i think 14
mixed a little bit out of all the liquors in my parents bar and downed it, had a beer also

was amazing


Ok teenlord you and everyone else with alcoholic parents


Me 12
Didn't really like beer back then or anything just tried it with kurasumeetotachi


File: 1589529291485.jpg (833.25 KB,2108x3000,3.jpg) iqdb

im 31
my parents were certainly not alkies
middle/upper brow stem graduates
most of the bottles were ancient


File: 1589531092896.png (226.02 KB,372x433,tenshicryaa.png) iqdb

Go back to pissu


goddamn romaji gets real ugly sometimes.


Hah!! Loser, drunk, alkie! Gonna die of cirrhosis in 5 years!




suicide by cup


File: 1589588147930.png (1.26 MB,1920x1080,normiew.png) iqdb

went into town today for the first saturday in like 2 months
lockdown has eased and things seem to be returning to normal, albeit calmer

is a beautiful late autumn day with clear skies and mild temperatures
got some bodyshop handcream, some new shoes for work and a vegetarian/falafel pita to take away


File: 1589591851934.png (1.62 MB,1530x897,zr.png) iqdb

>is a beautiful late autumn day

wtf bro it's late spring


surely you can infer that i dont live in the northern hemisphere ?


that's kiwi-anon!


File: 1589593787105.jpg (518.26 KB,1340x1840,77110362_p3.jpg) iqdb

how long have you been vegetarian??



You know non-vegetarians can eat vegetarian things right?
I've been eating those new veg burgs from burg king last while for example but I still have meat in my diet occasionally.


dont reply to me carnists


imagine being such a big soyboy you don't even fit in on /what/…


File: 1589669984429.jpg (285.17 KB,1200x1738,5.jpg) iqdb



File: 1589700402929.png (125.33 KB,669x348,nbp.png) iqdb

Any whomos here that can link the latest best notorious bp on xtube?

I only got old stuff from 2014-15 era.


Kill yourself faggot


File: 1589707447625.jpeg (72.31 KB,438x600,image.jpeg) iqdb

I only have the old stuff as well im strictly 2D now but wouldn't mind seeing newer stuff as well.


*wiggles bp*


*shoves gun up BP and pulls the trigger*


File: 1589794779326.gif (1.79 MB,481x380,1589785048848.gif) iqdb



I was friends with /what/min before it was cool


Based, kill all fags


Whatmins stop using iqdb just to be a contrarian weeb it's trash and giggle is much better even for anime you retard change it to giggle


Google is shit for reverse image search
iqdb is good for 2D art and for everything else: yandex


Fucking yandex really


File: 1590122243574.webm (6.24 MB,360x640,cuck training.webm) iqdb



File: 1590175198569.png (55.47 KB,1172x234,2020-05-22-151859_1920x108….png) iqdb

tfw "sexually disenfranchised man".


File: 1590368360819.jpg (522.55 KB,1600x2496,1563531028781.jpg) iqdb

Anyone want it be casual fapfriends and jerk off together semi regularly? My tastes are prettt plain but I think jerking off with someone else is much better than doing it alone


File: 1590418142306.jpg (136.36 KB,1000x699,1590351279117.jpg) iqdb

arcade pad stick


File: 1590677085963.jpg (330.69 KB,634x845,1590676489826.jpg) iqdb



File: 1590677795073.png (82.68 KB,245x273,1590676130944.png) iqdb



Weird how I remember seeing this thread in 2013 on warosu but I didn't learn about /what/ until like 2015 even though they were talking about it in this thread


File: 1591342206641.jpg (155.9 KB,1000x1000,sample-d1d517fdf9d43d4a18d….jpg) iqdb

Is it socks?


>Reddit user and digisexual subreddit moderator xhumanist thinks
why the fuck is some random reddit mod authoritative enough to be quoted on wikipedia lmao someone edit that


dreamt that I had long hair which I then braided into a single long braid, doing so made me very happy in the dream

what does it mean


It means you're a big girly boy resolving your interwoven inner dichotomies between your body and mind, within and without, enlightened and at peace.

Or something maybe.


I wish my name was something simple like John Smith. I hate how googling my name instantly reveals everything about me, even my home address.


same, also hated being the only person on facebook with my name too, made it too easy…


You can email those websites to opt out


File: 1591623460306.jpg (283.39 KB,695x982,1580181811473.jpg) iqdb

Tfw completely normal and very common name
Feels gud


I love all my frens very much and I hope all of them have a nice day tomorrow!


Hey, umm, do you wanna listen to Billie Eilish's ``hostage'' with me?
We can pretend it's like a date but we don't have to if you don't want to.


I have a pretty unique name, too, but I was lucky in that I've never had a Facebook account. Obviously, I have a GitHub account that I probably linked in my resumé, but I don't advertise myself. I think I had a Google account when I was younger, along with a gmail and g+, but I deleted those. Even after I retired those accounts, there were dead links, but I was able to request that Google remove those links because they were dead.

Feel super bad for zoomers. I've never used Facebook myself, but I know they pressure you into using your real identity and put restrictions on pseudo anonymous accounts. And then theres the shadow profiles that get made when people upload pictures of you without your consent. So messed up. And Google is doing their grassroots thing with Chromebooks in the classroom, indoctrinating them early.


File: 1591928362260.jpeg (224.45 KB,1436x674,image.jpeg) iqdb


they dont do this anymore


well yeah cause Google+ is dead

still there's been a huge culture shift from using handles to using your real name


File: 1591943662651.jpg (Spoiler Image,756.77 KB,810x1773,Playbook.jpg) iqdb

idk i feel like kids started using handles more with ig, snap and twitter and discord

but zuckerkike is trying to normalize using names, he changed ig DMs to show the name you put instead of your handle to get people used to it


I didn't but thanks for the thought!


That's okay, you can try to have a nice day some other time! I will always be hoping you have a nice day as long as you're my /what/friendo!!


File: 1592206772865.gif (418.33 KB,500x426,1991297bcaa83e3769d0fa69f0….gif) iqdb



File: 1592292786860.jpeg (26.22 KB,750x224,image.jpeg) iqdb

This YouTube comment made me smile :)


File: 1592448584000.jpg (138.93 KB,708x1000,1589255432445.jpg) iqdb



File: 1592451938421.jpg (452.02 KB,1311x714,1592451630791.jpg) iqdb



File: 1592710412087.png (182.78 KB,1920x569,2020-06-20-232629_1920x108….png) iqdb

What it feels like to one trick Genji


File: 1592716048367.mp4 (189.12 KB,480x360,eGlJczsF1EmLl6wA.mp4) iqdb



whats wrong with playing that character? why would your teammates get mad


File: 1592718434984.jpg (1.03 MB,1200x1500,__matoba_risa_idolmaster_a….jpg) iqdb

Its a weeb class, they generally cant play anything else and their next most played is like 2 hours compared to having 300 on genji


Genji is just a bad character and people who play him care more about having fun than winning.

I'm actually a Mcree/hitscan main, which is basically "stand in a good spot and shoot" characters

They're much better characters and scale with good aim (from other games like CSGO) even after the massive Genji buffs.

That makes people even madder when they see all my hours on Mcree and how I was such a higher rank


I'm actually a roadhog main


File: 1592787273176.jpg (378.75 KB,1280x720,1592771622836.jpg) iqdb




moo for me, I'll moo for you


what dash ch dot mooo~ dot com slash what slash~!


spermed hard to this image at least five times since i saw it posted here



It's sexy she's showing you her panties with a smug expression. She knows you're a loser who enjoys seeing them way too much.



you forgot the "thats three o's" part


File: 1593212258824.jpg (2.12 MB,1464x2080,57d2c30cb4c0d4a9d57a40da88….jpg) iqdb

same but Illya


File: 1593235290521.jpg (135.96 KB,1336x673,the degregation of culture.jpg) iqdb



they're just adding people who look like you to billboards now why are you angry


Trannies on suicide watch 😂


why can't they add ugly fat white people? they are making POC look bad by adding fat ugly ones for representation or whatever. add a fat white whale, not a brown one. when you post brown models make them beautiful and only use ugly white models to help spread anti white sentiment and lack of sexual lust or beauty for disgusting pigs so we can finish breeding them out like the ashkenazis want and the poc like me


>game has complicated mechanics


I had a cummy dream where i sucked a cute /what/boy's cummer and he cummed down my throat and he called me a good girl~


doesn't have to stay a dream…


it is staying a dream because no /what/boys live anywhere near me.




File: 1593758905661.png (9.47 KB,250x220,Microsoft-Edge.png) iqdb

Whatmin, what do you think of Microsoft's new Edge update?


i think you should edge a knife into your jugular


File: 1593765338933.jpg (3.27 MB,2049x3015,1593283067304.jpg) iqdb

I have never used Edge before except briefly to download Firefox in a VM.

The only real thought I have about it is that

- It's a webkit frontend, internally the same as Chrome, Opera, and Surf
- Why does Microsoft care so much about people using their browser? What does Microsoft benefit out of this? Obviously, probably data harvesting and privacy violations far worse than Chrome.



File: 1593873804294.jpeg (539.54 KB,750x747,1593862029673.jpeg) iqdb

literally me and my bf (me on the right)


Whatmin you think this girl is cute



It's because she's an autistic SM64 speedrunner with big tits and a plain looking face.


File: 1594091166703.gif (151.08 KB,720x405,1594071334701.gif) iqdb

I can't tell what's going on in this.

It's like that one image you know the one.


Whatmin why'd you del my webm but keep the mommy femdom and black lives threads up


because he's butt buddies with the spammer


File: 1594092343809.jpg (71.12 KB,1024x1024,1582773388356m.jpg) iqdb

Get owned tranny LOL


I may have accidentally deleted threads I shouldn't have there was a lot to delete sorry.




she looks like milk's stacked sister


File: 1594275862591.png (503.66 KB,720x636,6e75ca9a5916f56e.png) iqdb




whatmin in 20 years


File: 1594676933032.png (75.63 KB,694x1200,1450264166158.png) iqdb

remi-anon can you please buy me some cute clothes in japan and mail them to me?
i'll obviously pay for it all, please, it's too embarrassing for me to use proxy shipping for this stuff…



scamming your whatfrens is not the bee's knees


someone repost the "girls were laughing at my hairy legs" copy pasta


Haha i remember that one!!


One time in 8th grade I was walking down the hallway in shorts.

Some girls walking behind me were laughing about how hairy my legs were, not thinking I could hear them.

I turned around and I don't remember exactly what I said, but it was something like, "My legs are so hairy because I'm a man, bitches".

They looked shocked but never told a teacher or anything.



File: 1594835073794.jpeg (234.2 KB,1023x1553,image.jpeg) iqdb



whatmin are you the one who hacked twitter?


yes he's a criminal


I'm not scamming, that's not how it works!
Amazon isn't gonna send me stuff before i pay, neither would remi-anon or anyone else!

I'd have to send him the money first before he sends the products, that's how all these sorts of transactions are done.


File: 1595012548557.mp4 (3.57 MB,720x1280,3t3wmuv6oPZbmqPB.mp4) iqdb



File: 1595063405581.png (646.19 KB,1319x661,Unddtitled.png) iqdb

hungover today and mentally bereft, as happens per usual..
but looking at a photo i took almost a year ago to date while in a very similar situation and i stopped drinking for i think 8 weeks

nothing has changed
an entire year and nothing to show for it
still the same sad sack of shit
winter, spring, summer, autumn
a whole year has passed and i havent even noticed, a new computer is side table..

think i'll buy a motorcycle


I just sold my motorcycle yesterday


Let's talk about this a little
Why do you think having a bike would solve your problem
Why did you sell it and what kind of a bike was it with what displacement



because it's just something to do..
there's plenty of backroads and forest tracks near where i live


That sort of thinking won't get you out of the gutter. There are millions of things you can do on the world. Find something you actually want to do


Maybe he just wants to ride a bike


File: 1595401393756.gif (991.43 KB,500x375,original.gif) iqdb

got proper drunk off vodka last night (tuesday)
woke up proper at 4am and drank plenty of water, listened some bladee
had some coffee and toast at 7am
went off to work and van nearly got stuck on muddy ground
installed waterproofing until around 11am
then went to another site and unloaded some materials
drove into town around 12 or something and picked up some more materials
got mcdonalds and ate it while driving to next job (two double cheeseburgers, medium fries and coke no sugar
1.30pm get to job and proceed with finishing touches
get home around 4pm, drank some expensive tea
such is the working mans life


File: 1595459386303.jpg (211.89 KB,1372x1372,dwvowztlifa51.jpg) iqdb

me irl


File: 1595570847221.png (1.42 MB,900x1200,1595536587137.png) iqdb

ornamental plum blossoms are already showing and it's not even august, though im sure the first appeared a couple weeks back
they're always the first tree to loose its leaves, around late feburary, when it's still summer

i like to think it's a sign of spring but i know there will be many cold and wet days ahead
winter can be almost better in a way because of the many clear days where it gets quite warm, where as spring it tends to rain a lot and stay cold

late august/september early october is uaually pretty grim until late october when it starts to warm up

looking forward to summer
perhaps this year i will have my anime beach episode


Do you live in opposite world because it starts getting pretty cold in October.


File: 1595576127805.jpg (562.73 KB,1200x845,1593733976002.jpg) iqdb

i do


I wish it would get cold again. We had a few weeks of unseasonal cold during May and since then this winter has just been an early spring. Spring here is bad since it's usually very dry and full of wildfires. I get nosebleeds and the skin on my face gets flaky and irritated.


put vaseline in your nose and wear a daily mosturizer on your face


File: 1595634308529.webm (2.9 MB,540x960,1595602173701.webm) iqdb





The skin on my face gets flaky and irritated all year round unless i keep it shaved, cleanse, and moisturize daily.

So you don't have it too bad~ do you ganba always!


fapped around 6-7 times today idk why


teenage hormones


im 35


I'm not 35 but not 15.




I'm gonna SWAT you



Are you scared bro cops don't do shit


File: 1595879497300.webm (2.53 MB,640x480,1592305800479.webm) iqdb



File: 1595880320260.jpg (49.84 KB,640x480,mpv-FLCL furi kuri AMV (sm….jpg) iqdb



File: 1595914348632.jpg (157.13 KB,1125x1943,lvcrbztzqic51.jpg) iqdb

imagine the wanks you could have in that thing


File: 1596094215333.jpg (973.83 KB,1384x850,1596057310998.jpg) iqdb



File: 1596149140232.png (846.14 KB,713x800,1596148568222.png) iqdb



Faggot whatmin


is that belle delphine?



the girl who sold gamer piss


can you post her facebook




it says i need an account to view???


File: 1596161404403.jpg (1.12 MB,1550x1875,what.jpg) iqdb

I love all my frens and I'm gonna have sex with all of them!!!


File: 1596162360894.jpg (347.55 KB,800x669,02183e3936126e7ff8f298874a….jpg) iqdb


File: 1596219624398.jpg (Spoiler Image,340.28 KB,1200x841,EZ6qu9LUYAYQmRc.jpg) iqdb



File: 1596308283397.gif (1.12 MB,480x270,1337201250644.gif) iqdb

what min get rid of the rape "victim"


what is gay lmao


whatmin died in the Beirut explosion, whatmin was literally torn apart. rip in pieces.


File: 1596919467514.png (41.65 KB,359x357,waterfox_V99OmAJ2PH.png) iqdb



dani finally hijacked the elf waves


Wow finally made it


How many did he kill



File: 1598770230809.png (18.86 KB,397x122,2020-08-30-024915_397x122_….png) iqdb




File: 1598776133988.gif (1.82 MB,445x250,image.gif) iqdb

>Sora Shiina


Reminds me of when my cousin first sucked my dick and I was so sensitive and intense and I kept pulling back


Kill yourself you inbred Nigger.


Impotent incel rage🤣🤣🤣🤣


A cousin is almost like a sister, what the actual fuck is wrong with you


Cope lol


ota is down :0


File: 1599093383010.jpg (820.83 KB,1075x1409,930f92eb1a92ac1c38985ae708….jpg) iqdb

Yeah and oatmeal won't say a single word as to why.

He says wait warmly but I'm worried it's never coming back.


Good riddance.

I hope it's gone forever!


No! Why are you so mean >:(




Ota is GONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!


File: 1599109362557.png (193.88 KB,580x431,h.png) iqdb





no ota no neet no akarin, soon no whart-ch, spinoffs will ded dis yr 4 sho


wow! i forgot all about akari-bb or whatever it was. I still can't even remember its exact name.


File: 1599610890477.jpg (185.69 KB,500x627,socialist realism.jpg) iqdb

I saw a neighbor of about my same age walking down the street a few minutes ago. I used to talk to him a little when we were younger but never friends. I made eye contact with him, and I knew he could recognize me, but he looked at me like a stranger and walked off to his house.

I don't know if I've ever had friends. Not since I dropped out of school. One could argue that the friends in school weren't friends, since I didn't know what friendship meant back then.


fuck you whatmin i'm deleting my bookmark and leaving forever
enjoy your spam site with gore and facebook reposts


File: 1602737992539.png (454.86 KB,1692x868,2020-10-15-005212_1692x868….png) iqdb

Been emailing a scammer from Burkina Faso. He asked for some info and a picture about me in this second email so I sent him some fake shit. I especially like "SCAN_COPY_OF_MY_BREAST_CENCER.JPG" which is literally a picture of someone's mouth.


does this thing still bump?

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