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no one is here, let's erp!
*whips it out*



*slices it off*




*gives you a bear hug*


*wiggles butt*


*grabs your butte*


*sits patiently in a pleated skirt*


That chair you're on doesn't look very comfortable, why don't you sit on my lap! It will keep you warm too!


Hmm, well that doesn't look too comfortable either~ what makes your lap so good??


I can vibrate my legs so it doubles as a massage chair


well, okay then *sits on your lap*
but don't massages work better if they're on bare skin?


Not if I shoot chunks of poo into your face.


We can start off fine like this for now *starts rubbing your knees*


Okay! *starts mutilating your genitals with a rusty kitchen knife*


haha you fell for my trap card!
now whatmin can see your ip address, i'm reporting you to whatmin so you get banned forever.

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