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what does collapse your skull even mean?

like smush?


There isn't anything bad about mATX/mini-itx unless you need something bigger, which most people don't.

>otherwise I'll just kill myself because I'm not schedule.

I always hear people tell people they need to get on a schedule, or assburgers will get them or something.


>Went from SSI CEB to ATX size.

I've never heard of that size. I've seen lots of E-ATX mobos/cases though. I've alsways wanted a dual-cpu setup.

>Because I opted for a single internal HDD drive

Do you already have the external hard drives, and can't afford more internal drivers, or is there some other reason?


Remember to screw in the motherboard standoffs first, instead of screwing in the motherboard directly onto the case.

Use an anti-ESD wrist-strap, and touch everything by the corners.

When putting the processor in, make absolutely sure it's at the right angle. There will be a triangle to show you were. Do not push it in at all, it will go in itself. If you put in the processor at a wrong angle then try to close the latch that holds it down, that's not good.

Overall it really is easy though, after your first time you'll be confident to mess around with the parts in a computer like it's nothing.


When I built my first PC I bent 2 rows of pins on the cpu. Spent 1 hour trying to straighten them up and it still didn't fit.
Then I forced it and it went in, no pins broke. I think it even fixed them. It still works perfectly.

I also thought you only needed the sata cable and I spent 1 hour wondering why it didn't detect the drive


And it was summer so I was sweating like crazy


I'm pretty sure now that you are >>516

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