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>tfw your friend just said he isn't your friend
You have no idea how sad I am right now. I really really really liked him.


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Aww. I'm sorry. Was he an e-friend or real life friend?

Don't worry, you still have all your /what/friends




e-friend… he was my best e-friend too…


That's a bummer… Was he from /jp/?


No. :(


Who cares then



I'm sorry that this happened to you. But don't worry, friends come and go. Just hang in there and hope that you find some more good friends soon.


I had a friend when I was young but he changed schools but we kept seeing each other on our birthdays. We did this for a few years.

One time when I was at his house he said that he only invited me over because his mom told him to. It felt like I was punched in the gut. I still remember that feeling. We went silent for a while and then he said it was a joke but I know it wasn't.

I know what you feel, OP. Side note, how do you make e-friends?


I used to have so many e-friends. I would turn on my computer and receive a wave of messages. Over time though, people began to disappear or move on with life. Some just stopped liking me.

I can hardly make new e-friends anymore. I don't know why. I don't feel like anything has changed. The few people that do talk to me now seem like they hardly like me. I only have a couple of e-friends left. They are starting to move on with their lives though, I don't know what I will do when they're gone.

I don't know what happened. I miss the time when a lot of people loved me and wanted my attention. I actually just feel so lonely now…
sorry for the blog post, I couldn't sleep and this has been on my mind lately…


Yeah, you probably have a point. Not just teenagers move on though, plenty of the people I knew were 20-30 and moved on too.
Apart from the people I was close with who moved on, a lot of the people I probably didn't even consider friends. There were still plenty that I actually had good friendships with that lasted for a few years. They were people I could spend a whole day with doing nothing but still have fun.

The few that are left I'll probably stay in contact with for the rest of my life, but I still worry that they might disappear one day. But still, I kind of miss how it used to be.


Not him but I always talked with my friends about lots of things and played a lot with them and I still lost almost all of them
I say "almost" but those that I haven't completely lost I just stopped talking to and I wouldn't know how to start a conversation that will not be 5 messages long, it seems like we have very different interests now

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