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I woke up alive again




(…does it work i wonder?)




I like having dreams even the scary ones are cool


/what/ makes me feel really comfy

I can never remember them


Me neither.


Me neither.







I liked the part where you went to KFC


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Dude I can never fucking enjoy food in my dreams. I'll like go to grocery stores or restaurants, buy the most delicious looking thing there that I could never have in real life, but ALWAYS wake up before getting to eat it… dreams are cruel


I always wake up after I'm done cumming in your mom's asshole…. Oh wait that's just me leaving your house after I do that IRL LOL!!!!!!!


go back go /gnfos/ dad…


Come on over to pop pop's lap boy


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I liked that story. I've ate food and had sex in dreams before, but it's really weird, because in the dream I'm wondering why it doesn't taste good, and wondering why sex feels like nothing.

You ever have a dream where you think you're at the toilet getting ready to pee but you're not?


I have a lot of toilet dreams, where it feels like I pee for several minutes after holding it in really long. These scare me because when I was younger, whenever I would pee in my dreams, I would pee in real life. I also have dreams where I'm peeing somewhere I shouldn't, like on my desk or floor because someone else is in the bathroom… I don't really know why.

I used to have these dreams where I'd be in this horrible huge public restroom, where all the stalls were disgusting as hell, overflowing and broken and dirty, and I'd try to go out the door, only to end up in another maze of disgusting toilets. I read the dream represented repressed feelings or something, and they seemed to have stopped thankfully.

Another cool common dream thing I had was being followed by a puma around town. Those dreams were super scary cause I knew if I ran it would catch me in an instant, so I had to keep walking slow while pretending not to be scared cause I thought it would sense my fear.
One day, after having these puma dreams at least 5 times, I had a weird dream I was in a large house with these big red stairs, and everytime the stairs would turn, I found a half-dead puma writhing in pain on the ground. There were at least like 7 pumas like this in the dream, and ever since then I've never seen another puma in my dreams. It was like someone gathered all the pumas from my dreams in one place and pummeled them.

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