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I'm tired of this shit I'm done fuck you


I wish I was done… I can't do this I can't do it I can't make it I can't keep going on like this I hate it I hate it I HATE IT I HATE IT IHATEITIHATEITIHATEIT!


pls be my Yandere gf


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If any of you need to talk about your problems then I'll listen, but please stop making these stupid posts….


I never made any of them… I hate them and wish he would stay in one thread because it's making me feel worse everytime I see them take up the front page and I would feel retarded if a guy making threads on /what/ was what drove me to die…


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Don't let the posts get to you. I think it'd be nice if they were condensed too, but /what/min is very lax when it comes to moderation which isn't a bad thing. If you feel like you want to talk about your problems, because talking about stuff can really help, then please let me know, okay?


my mom wants me to get a job, but i'm too scared………………


pls prosdn


wanna talk about it?


okay sure… there's two girls I like a lot. I usually feel happy when I'm around them and they're both nice. But afterwards I think things like I'm pathetic and wouldn't be able to even talk to them and I shouldn't get close to anyone because it will just be painful for everyone and I don't deserve relationships with other people, and I imagine things like all the people I like hating me and laughing at me and calling me disgusting. And when I think things like that, I hate myself more and want to harm myself. I imagine things like smashing my head into glass or a mirror, and cutting my hands and feet, and smashing my hand with a rock and stabbing myself in the stomach and throat… No one knows about this, because I'm not close enough with anyone to talk about it, and I can't tell my parents either cause they dismiss literally everything I say as me overreacting and reading fake things online, or that it's just because I spend too much time on the computer and don't go outside (I don't think I have money to live comfortably alone long-term, which is why I'm still here, and also I know I couldn't handle most jobs because I'm fucking mental and can't deal with socializing with people)
Most of the time I'm usually not as bad, and don't hate myself and want to hurt myself so much, but random things seem to trigger it and it gets worse the worse I feel. I feel like I might end up actually doing something bad if I feel bad enough for whatever reason… when I was younger I used to try to choke myself to death or hit myself in the head really hard whenever I got in trouble, and I know I would probably do a lot worse if I started hurting myself again…

I feel like everything would be okay if I just knew that someone loved me and would hug and hold me just once, but I never allow myself to believe that because it would hurt worse if I found out it wasn't true and wouldn't ever happen…

please go easy on me


It might not mean much to you, but I want you to know that I care about you.

About your negative thoughts, I'm no expert on this but I'll voice my opinion. A lot of people worry about others laughing at them or hating them behind their backs, that's part of human instinct. Try to get rid of the whole "I don't deserve relationships with other people" mindset, in my experience it only makes things worse for yourself and for others. If you're worried about your thoughts of harming yourself, consider seeing a doctor or therapist or something. I'm not sure if they would be able to help though, people have told me that they don't really help. I've always dealt with my negative thoughts by myself. It's good that you have girls that you like, it's always nice to have something that makes you happy.

If you want to keep talking, feel free to email me, because I know some people worry about bullies when they post stuff like this on imageboards.


Stop playing the victim and making yourself such a fucking drag. If they didnt want to associate with you they wouldnt now fuck off



hi doc, mom wants me work but i dont want to, what do i do


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Thanks, both of you, that actually was really helpful. /what/ truly is the best…


You're welcome~


/what/ is so moe. I want to protect and comfort all of you.


don't come close to me…..


Just be yourself


You'll always be close to me in my heart, anon.


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