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I can't relate to that


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And then this happens



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Kill me

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Some dude in my building killed himself. I was interested because he's an old boomer like me born in 1989 and everyone here is a post 9/11 born zoomer. I looked him up and he was a CS Nerd and really into cryptocurrencies. Made me wonder why he would kill himself at the beginning of a bullrun.

Maybe he owned a lot of crypto and sold it and now that regret got to him. I mean I torture myself over the 15 million I'm supposed to have but don't kill myself since I still have six figs. Or maybe he was depressed from being over 30 in college. Both I can relate to.


Lots of people killed themselves here the past two years. Like it never used to Happen ever.


Maybe cuz everyone is atheist now and blackpills are available to norms


Sigh maybe ill join him after the money I've lost.

Crazy even all the millions gone isn't as painful as my cousins abuse


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maybe he just didnt have any real interest in living


I think he was a virgin

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Hello, I'm /what/min and I'm dumb


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Wat did you do this time?


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/what/ is on the list of too many spammers.

They don't know English or are bots or running on 2 maybe 3 braincells so they can't get to /wat/


what was the spam
i missed it

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Remember when we used to reply wat to everyone in 2008 it was so funny


I used wat and wut both. I can't remember why I would use one over the other in different situations, but somehow it made sense


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frosted butts

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nino thread part 2


wtf I love Rakka from FFX now


I want her to suffocate me with her posy




I want to suck her butthole and vagene


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Birthday girl

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This is the official (100% winter edition) /wat/ blog thread. If you have something to say but don't want to make a thread for it…


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First erotic gay post on wat shat.


crying for what

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Norms do this unironically

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Dani liked this DSP guy for some reason.

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Continuing my Persona 4 thread as I play through the game.


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